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It was Danny's first time out since he'd been at Priory and before then he wasn't exactly hitting the town every night. The trip to Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital felt strange and by the time they arrived, Danny was just glad to be inside again.

Having arrived early, Danny sat in the waiting room, willing his friends to show up soon. He couldn't get his mind off what he was about to do. He hadn't told any of his friends his plan because he knew they would stop him. It involved getting closer to Greg than he ever hoped to be again, and just the thought of it was weighing on him. He hoped it would work out and he could get the information he needed. Without it, this was all going to be for nothing.
Rachel rifled through her room, pushing aside clothes, piles of magazines, her bedside lamp with the dead lightbulb she hadn’t been bothered to fix, but she couldn’t find her phone anywhere.

She crawled under the covers of her bed, groping down the far corners of the sheets in case it had slipped down, but it wasn’t there either. Where had she put it?

She couldn’t remember where she’d last seen it. Maybe she’d left it at Zoe’s place at dinner the other night? Maybe in Cai’s car? But they would have found it and bought it back, surely. Did she have it yesterday? What did she do yesterday? Napped a lot and watched most of a season of America’s Next Top Model and ate peanut butter sandwiches while the rain hammered down on the windows, too wet and dark to go outside. Or was that the day before? Or both?

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Placeholder for Priory times which I will write when I feel less sick.
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It was Rachel's birthday and Danny decided that all the things he was worried about didn't matter. Today he was going to spoil his girlfriend and he wasn't going to even think about her drinking, or the fact that he was terrified about money, or having to go to court and face Greg again. The rest of the world could fuck off today. Today he was going to spoil her rotten.

Despite the fact that a few of the nurses had protested, Danny had managed to set himself up in his wheelchair. He was fairly sure he was going to pay for it the next day, but this was important to him. He had even managed to get dressed, though not as snazzy as he wanted to be. He settled on jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt he hoped would make Rachel laugh.

With the help of Dr Abby, Cai and Zoe, he decorated his hospital room with battery-operated fairy lights and several colour-changing LED candles because he knew Rachel liked bright things.

It was all ready now, the presents resting on the bed and the music cued up. Nerves unsettled his stomach as he waited for her to arrive. All he wanted in the world right now was to make Rachel happy.
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Danny had his arm flung over his face and he was hiding in the crook of his elbow from a very bossy Abby. "Daniel Marlow, you need to finish your lunch."

Danny groaned, fairly sure if he ate anything else he was going to throw up. Abby had informed him, however, that he needed to eat more than he had been to put some weight back on. Something about not fucking his heart up more than it already was. In order to do that, considering his stomach had shrunken from disuse, he needed to not give up on his meals after three bites. "You are mean to me!" he accused her, still hiding.

"Yep, I'm a dragon lady. Not literally, in case that worries you. Now eat your damn tater tots before I tell your mother on you."

Behind Abby his friends filed into the room, though Danny didn't entirely hear them. He was still hiding in his arm. "That's a dirty trick, Dr Abby. A dirty, dirty trick."
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Danny was on his fourth hour of a Britain's Got Talent marathon, and wondering just how long before the urge to die would return with a vengeance. He was still tied down, the staff not trusting him for a second when he said he wasn't going to try to kill himself again. At least he could still work the telly since the remote was within reach, right beside the call button.

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Danny was still tied down, since the hospital feared he might try to remove his feeding tube if he wasn't. It was not an unfounded fear, since he had demanded no less than four times that they do exactly that. Being confined anywhere wasn't going to make Danny feel fantastic after his time with Greg but now he felt trapped in a life he didn't want, in a body he had quite significantly damaged.

It was all rather shite.

At least he was spending most of his time asleep, since the kind of trauma he had been through was taxing on the body. When he woke up to find only his mother in the room though, he tried to at least not look angry for her sake. "Mum," he mumbled, trying to stretch in the restraints. "Hey. Have you gone home at all?" He was worried about her. She needed to sleep too.
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After twelve hours of life-saving surgery, during which Danny tried to die a grand total of four more times, Danny was pronounced if not out of the woods, at least stable. He was being kept in intensive care, his body full of tubes, a breathing mask over his face. He would stay there until he was well enough to be moved into the psych ward, but that could take a while; possibly weeks.

Danny finally woke up, twenty-seven hours after electrocuting himself, his body too weak to move. Even if he had had the ability to do so, his arms and legs had been restrained, lest he be upset about the fact that he wasn't dead, and try again.

His eyes rested on a fuzzy image of the doctor as the woman explained there had been damage to his heart and one day he would likely need a transplant. His brain felt heavy and slow and he didn't even remember what had happened, so it was hardly surprising that he couldn't comprehend that he had irreparably damaged his body.

Somewhere in the middle of the woman's explanation, Danny fell asleep again. A few hours later he woke up again, his eyes focusing on the other people in the room; the only people allowed to visit him in the ICU, his family. "Mm. Hey," he muttered to them, his tongue refusing to work right, and the words were further muffled by the oxygen mask on his face. "Ev'rything hurts."
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Danny was surrounded by people who loved him and it was just too much. All of them, every single one of them, needed him to be something or someone he wasn't capable of being any more. It was exhausting and panic-inducing and to top it all off, they had informed the hospital staff he had been asking about death. Now the staff kept checking on him and he could feel the walls closing in.

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Night was the worst time for Danny. After visiting hours had concluded and his mother wasn't allowed in his room any more, Danny would lie on his bed and struggle to stay awake. Sleep brought dreams and dreams brought Danny right back into the clutches of Greg. Sleep was supposed to be relaxing and regenerative but all it gave Danny was yet more horror.

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Knowing Rachel was coming to visit him had lifted his spirits despite Danny believing such a thing was impossible. Sure he felt like his life had been shattered, but he still loved Rachel with as much of his heart as he had access to. Probably more.

When she arrived, Danny asked his mother to leave them alone, and he reached out a bandaged hand to Rachel. "I'm so happy you're here," he said with a small smile. "I want to try to kiss you but...carefully, okay? Really carefully?"
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Since waking up, Danny hadn't allowed anyone other than his mother and Zoe in to see him. He did feel guilty keeping his girlfriend and his brother out, but there was a part of him which just didn't want to see the pity and pain on their faces when they finally laid eyes on him.

Zoe had been there to see what Greg had done to him firsthand, though there was more to it too. Danny saw Zoe as fiercely strong, whether she saw herself that way or not. He worried that he might have to pretend to be okay for Cai and Rachel, while he knew he didn't have to act for Zoe and he didn't have the energy to try anyway.

He had to face them sometime, however, especially since he was fairly sure Cai and Rachel had been waiting outside his room from time to time, as if keeping some kind of silent vigil for him. Danny was still struggling with whether he wanted to stay alive or not, as well. Could he really leave them without giving them a chance to see him? He didn't think he could.

Hesitantly, Danny told the nurse his friends were allowed in. He told his mother he wanted to see them on his own, however, though he had a feeling she was going to hover right outside his door. He was really okay with that. Then he steeled himself for their reactions to the state he was still in. He knew he looked terrible. He felt terrible. His hopes were that they felt better than he did.
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Ever since being rescued and arriving at the hospital, Danny had been unconscious. Greg had drained him so effectively, that Danny's body needed time to recuperate. There were tubes and needles sticking out of him all over and his scrawny body seemed dwarfed by the bed and the machines surrounding him.

After two days though, Danny started to stir. A low moan escaped his dry lips and for a moment, it looked like he was going to wake up slowly. Instead, however, he panicked. All of a sudden he sat up and looked around frantically. A shriek escaped his lips and he tried to pull the IV out of his arm. He hadn't even realised his mother was in the room.
Warning: Effects of sexual and physical abuse

They had one day left to fine Danny and Deirdre was beginning to get more than a little frantic. It had been her responsibility to watch over Danny in the first place, and a tragedy involving her brother had drawn her attention away. If that driver ended up causing two casualties, Deirdre was going to hate herself for a very long time. Not that Dylan was dead yet, but Deirdre was fairly pessimistic about his prognosis.

Thomas had taken to driving, and he wasn't keen on discussing the fact that Spectre had gone with Flynn instead of him. Deirdre was aware, distantly, that something had happened in Glasgow, but she didn't really have time to worry about the state of her friends' marriage. She was just happy enough to have him with her; and happier still that at the last moment, Zoe had decided to join them. Deirdre understood. They had done day and Zoe was getting as frantic as Deirdre was.

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The text came through to Zoe at 11:38pm: Are you asleep?

Hah, no. she replied. I am definitely not asleep tonight.

A moment later Zoe’s phone started to gently ring. "I can’t sleep either,” Cai said, though that fact was fairly obvious.

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Zoe took a taxi back to Cai's to pick him up. He didn't want to take the car today; he didn't trust himself to drive. Not after Zoe told him what they were going to be doing. They sat in the back of the taxi together and didn't touch and barely talked.

"It's going to be really bad, isn't it?" Cai asked, though he'd seen Peter's warning. Of course it was going to be bad.

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When Danny is finally left alone, he tries his hardest to do anything other than think about food. Unfortunately for him, he's never really been good at shutting things out, and as he lies with his back to the mattress, one leg chained to the foot of Greg's bed, food is the only thing on his mind. He remembers honey glazed ham for Christmas dinner, and warm, sickly sweet cinnamon rolls, still steaming from the oven. He remembers with bittersweet fondness picking at spicy nachos on Cai's plate and sharing delicious, moist cakes from Mariposa. God, he even misses picking honeysuckle in the spring and sucking the sweet dew out of the plant before using the flower as a projectile, always aimed at his sister's face before she throws her own back at him as she laughs. That cloying, sugary on his lips right now would be bliss.

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