Oct. 4th, 2014

Rachel rifled through her room, pushing aside clothes, piles of magazines, her bedside lamp with the dead lightbulb she hadn’t been bothered to fix, but she couldn’t find her phone anywhere.

She crawled under the covers of her bed, groping down the far corners of the sheets in case it had slipped down, but it wasn’t there either. Where had she put it?

She couldn’t remember where she’d last seen it. Maybe she’d left it at Zoe’s place at dinner the other night? Maybe in Cai’s car? But they would have found it and bought it back, surely. Did she have it yesterday? What did she do yesterday? Napped a lot and watched most of a season of America’s Next Top Model and ate peanut butter sandwiches while the rain hammered down on the windows, too wet and dark to go outside. Or was that the day before? Or both?

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