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It was Danny's first time out since he'd been at Priory and before then he wasn't exactly hitting the town every night. The trip to Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital felt strange and by the time they arrived, Danny was just glad to be inside again.

Having arrived early, Danny sat in the waiting room, willing his friends to show up soon. He couldn't get his mind off what he was about to do. He hadn't told any of his friends his plan because he knew they would stop him. It involved getting closer to Greg than he ever hoped to be again, and just the thought of it was weighing on him. He hoped it would work out and he could get the information he needed. Without it, this was all going to be for nothing.
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When Danny is finally left alone, he tries his hardest to do anything other than think about food. Unfortunately for him, he's never really been good at shutting things out, and as he lies with his back to the mattress, one leg chained to the foot of Greg's bed, food is the only thing on his mind. He remembers honey glazed ham for Christmas dinner, and warm, sickly sweet cinnamon rolls, still steaming from the oven. He remembers with bittersweet fondness picking at spicy nachos on Cai's plate and sharing delicious, moist cakes from Mariposa. God, he even misses picking honeysuckle in the spring and sucking the sweet dew out of the plant before using the flower as a projectile, always aimed at his sister's face before she throws her own back at him as she laughs. That cloying, sugary on his lips right now would be bliss.

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