While having voices in his head was something Elijah was going to have to get used to, at least he wasn't dead. That was the phrase he kept repeating over and over when it seemed like this whole angel thing was just too much to deal with.

I could be dead. I would have been dead. I'm alive and this is the only reason-

The man he was told took up residence in his head seems kind enough, and given the fact that the man saved his life, Elijah was willing to do whatever the man wanted, within reason. It turned out what the man wanted more than anything is to go visit an ex-girlfriend now that he was no longer banging around inside his sister's brain. And that seemed more than fair enough to Eli.

He had been staying with the Kemps for the past week while he prepared to move back to London, but David knew the way to Siobhan's house by heart. When finally, blessedly they were left alone, Eli snuck out the back door and borrowed Peter's car. David swore up and down Peter wouldn't mind.

By the time he arrived at Siobhan's house, his palms were sweating which was a little unnerving because Elijah wasn't the one who was nervous here. "Cut it out, man," he said before he raised his hand and knocked.
Placeholder for a thing I will make up later okay shhh.
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It was Danny's first time out since he'd been at Priory and before then he wasn't exactly hitting the town every night. The trip to Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital felt strange and by the time they arrived, Danny was just glad to be inside again.

Having arrived early, Danny sat in the waiting room, willing his friends to show up soon. He couldn't get his mind off what he was about to do. He hadn't told any of his friends his plan because he knew they would stop him. It involved getting closer to Greg than he ever hoped to be again, and just the thought of it was weighing on him. He hoped it would work out and he could get the information he needed. Without it, this was all going to be for nothing.
On Monday the day after she’d lost and found her phone, Rachel woke with the feeling that someone was in the apartment. Her heart leaping into a state of panic as her mind reminded her she was wrong, she was so wrong, there was no one else in the apartment because there was never anyone else in the apartment except herself and her father and she had to stop believing her stupid paranoid fears because all they were were stupid paranoid fears.

But a floorboard creaked and her body froze.

... )
Things had gone sour at uni, anyone could see.

Joss had turned up once on Monday, stayed at home for the rest of the week, and turned up again on Friday afternoon. One side of his face was painted with fading bruises. He felt pummelled, but could not bear to stay at home another day. Razvan was judging him.

... )
It was some late hour on Tuesday morning when Joss got home, stumbling into the chasm of the entranceway, one hand on the wall as he moved, step by step toward his bedroom. He’d stayed at the uni pub with April till they closed, then went back to the halls for more drinking, as he and April encouraged a group of first years to write off Monday night completely. On the surface is was a great night. There was a lot of laughter, especially when he and another guy (Jack? Frank?) walked in on April with her hand down Ollie’s pants, and when Dana threw up out the window and everyone who wasn’t a Nutford resident had to flee out the same window because one of the dorm neighbours called campus security because it was nearly three in the fucking morning and they just wouldn’t shut up.

He and April split up from the others, running toward McKinley till April had to bend over, hands gripping her knees, gasping for breath till the panting turned into tears.

... )
Adelaide blinked uncomfortably against the early morning light and realised that she'd fallen asleep in front of her computer at some point, the screen in front still glowing and asking her did she really want to log out of facebook? She closed the lid of her laptop instead of answering that complicated question and then stood up, taking note of which muscles she'd angered by her sleep habits.

Stretching her neck as she walked, Adelaide made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, the only person awake on a Saturday morning. Were it a Sunday, her grandparents would be going out to church - occasionally with Darcy in tow - but Saturday was always a quiet and late start for the household.

As the kettle heated itself up on the stovetop, Adelaide sat down )
Zoe tensed when she heard footsteps running up the library steps behind her, even though she didn’t expect that whoever it was was actually trying to catch up with her, even though people ran past her all the time, she still tensed. You could expect danger, and still not be prepared for it, which was why when she heard the voice behind her say her name, she wasn’t expecting it, and jumped.

Merry smiled because she understood jumping at the sound of her own name. It was a ridiculous thing to understand, but it was a ridiculous thing to do. Her stupid, jumpy self; she hated it. “Alright,” she said, to Zoe.

“Hi,” Zoe said.

The girls eyed each other suspiciously, out of habit.

... )
Backdated placeholder for Tal pre-funeral (would have written but I had to bathe my bird which is not a euphemism...)
Placeholder for Max to talk to Greg, will be backdated.
Jinx didn't own a suit, never had. What he did own was a pair of neat black trousers and a black button up shirt to go with it. It was an outfit that he didn't wear often, but it was still more than he wanted to. Sometimes he thought about getting rid of it, a sort of 'don't encourage the worst' mentality, but then he always needed it again.

He didn't know where he was walking to )
Joss never admitted to anyone just how often he wished he was still on the road.

He'd been getting sick, he knew that. He hadn't been eating right or sleeping well and that way of life was... unsustainable. But was life now really any better? The food was, but he didn't give a shit about food really.

In the back of Kenzie's van he'd found something few people ever found: a love that crossed all boundaries, even death. And he'd discovered Teagan, and fallen half in love with her too. Those girls were forever entwined in his mind. Did he love Teagan, or was it Kenzie he was seeing? Joss lay away in his nest on the couch and contemplated this question, but he never got any closer to answering it than he had on the road.

... )
Danny said he was going to see Greg next weekend. Next weekend they would face him and Rachel would look into the eyes of the man who had nearly destroyed Danny and she was terrified.

What would he look like in person? What would he say to her? Danny had warned her that it wouldn’t be nice. What if he escaped and came after her? Abstract fears kept her awake. She’d slept so much in the past couple of weeks and now she’d spent nearly two days awake, the nap she’d had curled up against Danny when she went to visit him yesterday was the only sleep she’d had.

... )
Most days, Marina had been doing magic with Percy in the evenings. (Some days they didn't do much in the way of magic, ending up with a few beers and tv instead. Hanging out at Percy's place was more fan than hanging out at her own without anyone there. If Percy was sick of her presence, he'd not yet made any mention of it.)

But late tonight they were at the theatre, Marina walking slowly around the filled tank of water, a sense of excitement building inside of her. This was her first time attempting it under water. She could undo the ropes, she could escape the bonds, but she'd not yet done it with the threat of drowning. It was new. It was terrifying. It was pretty amazing.

She turned over her shoulder and grinned at Percy. When they did this in a show she'd dress the part - the corset, the heels, the waterproof makeup. But tonight was practise and they needed to start slow, so she had taken off her shoes and striped down out of her clothes, leaving only her black tank top and matching boyshorts. She tied her hair up now into a tight bun and asked, "you ready?"
Zoe had mixed feelings about university.

On the one hand, it was a comfort to be one part of a faceless crowd, all of them with their own personal end goals. It felt good to have a purpose, and be surrounded by people with a similar purpose.

On the other hand, she wished Danny was here with her. Or if Cai was a year older (and cared about higher education, which he didn’t) or even Rachel, just to have someone to hang out with between classes. Through high school she’d gotten used to being on her own, then in her final year Rachel had attached herself to Zoe and now it almost felt like Zoe didn’t know how to spend the day on her own without missing anyone.

... )
By the time the first pink bouquet arrived at the hospital, Yvonne had taken charge.

"Get it out of here," she'd hissed to the delivery man - the poor delivery man just doing his job and having no idea of the sort of horrible situation he'd walked into. But the flowers had to be collected and so Yvonne did it, throwing them - and the CONGRATULATIONS! balloon - into the closest bin.

... )
Mariposa was the exact opposite of a Carly kind of place, with its vegans (no sugar, no milk, fair trade ethically farmed tea? Who were these people) and students talking in corners about Marxism and socialism and the allegory of the cave (which last week had been just a bunch of words, but now Carly had even explained it to someone else in another group of dreadlocked hippies and got to feel surprisingly clever. Who even needs university?) Mariposa even had poetry readings which was, without a doubt, the gayest thing Carly had ever heard. ("I love poetry," Lanie had said in delight and Carly rolled her eyes: "that's because you're the gayest too.")

But the waitressing wasn't too hard )
It had been over two months, but finally Dylan had been released from hospital. It was little wonder he had been in for so long, since he had been hit by a car, and his injuries had been terribly severe. Lydia had been there for her boyfriend as much as she could, though it had been more difficult once school had gone back. She missed seeing him in the hallways of London College so much. They had been nearly inseparable for over five years. Being without him had been like missing a limb.

Or a lung.

Love is a funny thing )


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