Aug. 20th, 2014

Merry hadn’t explained the full situation to Leon when she rang him – she tried but he’d stopped her. “Look,” he said. “Just tell me where you are, and I’ll be there.”

It took Merry by surprise how reassured she was by this; Leon’s voice, promising to come and help her with Joss. Or it might have just been that he was the most adult person she’d spoken to in a long time. (Matt didn’t count as an adult, Merry had worked that out a long time ago. He was older, sure, and he had an important skill, but he wasn’t adult. She could rely on him to get the job done but she couldn't rely on him. Merry missed her dad horribly.)

Leon didn’t feel much like an adult as he was driving across the UK to find his missing brother. It had been eleven weeks since he’d last seen him. Eleven weeks was a long time. They hadn’t been apart for this long since Leon came back from Europe, that spring seven years ago.

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Grace had told her once that possessed people were dangerous.

They were unpredictable, and freakishly strong. Ghosts had no concept of how hard they could push a human body. Possessed people had been known to leap off buildings and survive, to be hit by a truck and walk away.

Teagan hadn’t considered herself possessed till now. She was just a girl, sharing her body with the soul of her cousin she was trying to save.

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Night was the worst time for Danny. After visiting hours had concluded and his mother wasn't allowed in his room any more, Danny would lie on his bed and struggle to stay awake. Sleep brought dreams and dreams brought Danny right back into the clutches of Greg. Sleep was supposed to be relaxing and regenerative but all it gave Danny was yet more horror.

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