Oct. 12th, 2014

Danny said he was going to see Greg next weekend. Next weekend they would face him and Rachel would look into the eyes of the man who had nearly destroyed Danny and she was terrified.

What would he look like in person? What would he say to her? Danny had warned her that it wouldn’t be nice. What if he escaped and came after her? Abstract fears kept her awake. She’d slept so much in the past couple of weeks and now she’d spent nearly two days awake, the nap she’d had curled up against Danny when she went to visit him yesterday was the only sleep she’d had.

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Joss never admitted to anyone just how often he wished he was still on the road.

He'd been getting sick, he knew that. He hadn't been eating right or sleeping well and that way of life was... unsustainable. But was life now really any better? The food was, but he didn't give a shit about food really.

In the back of Kenzie's van he'd found something few people ever found: a love that crossed all boundaries, even death. And he'd discovered Teagan, and fallen half in love with her too. Those girls were forever entwined in his mind. Did he love Teagan, or was it Kenzie he was seeing? Joss lay away in his nest on the couch and contemplated this question, but he never got any closer to answering it than he had on the road.

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