Mariposa was the exact opposite of a Carly kind of place, with its vegans (no sugar, no milk, fair trade ethically farmed tea? Who were these people) and students talking in corners about Marxism and socialism and the allegory of the cave (which last week had been just a bunch of words, but now Carly had even explained it to someone else in another group of dreadlocked hippies and got to feel surprisingly clever. Who even needs university?) Mariposa even had poetry readings which was, without a doubt, the gayest thing Carly had ever heard. ("I love poetry," Lanie had said in delight and Carly rolled her eyes: "that's because you're the gayest too.")

But the waitressing wasn't too hard )
Upon hearing of Carly Malec's situation, Serenity had done everything she could to try to make it so Carly could come work at Mariposa. They did have an employee leaving, but not for a few weeks. She figured if she switched some shifts around she could fit Carly in ASAP.

She texted Carly and asked her to come into Mariposa for a meeting. Sure, Serenity was already pretty decided, but she had to at least pretend to do the official thing. When Carly arrived Serenity told her to order whatever she wanted on the house and then she led her back to a more private booth.

"How are you doing today?" Serenity asked, trying not to give the girl a worried once-over.
After work, Carly got changed in the backroom, shimmying out of her unflattering polo shirt uniform and into the dress she'd recently bought but couldn't justify, even though it had been on sale. Although, as soon as she saw her reflection in the full length window of a shop as she made her way down the street, she decided that the dress had already paid for itself.

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Having rich friends was a fortunate thing when one was dirt poor, and so Carly was grateful for the continued and slightly weird presence that was Lanie Thwaite; Lanie who knew where the best parties were happening or who would arrange them somewhere if there weren't any to be heard of. Lanie who was never stingy with her alcohol and who could always be trusted to have something a little more special on her and pass it off to friends. Thank God for Lanie.

The party was being thrown in an old church somewhere out near the East End - Carly had gotten there on the back of some older guy's motorbike and she didn't know how she'd get home yet. That could be dealt with later, when she was far more drunk. It felt like ages since Carly had properly been out, either too exhausted from work, or dwelling on that 'probably a demonic being' thing, or dwelling on boys she'd stupidly allowed to break her heart. But Carly didn't want to be that girl. She wanted to be the infamous Carly Malec again and what better way than pressed against some unshaved biker and with a head slightly swirling with gin?

I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy )
Carly was putting a lot of energy into being angry; she knew that it wasn't a healthy way to live, but she also 'knew' that it might be the only way to get her demon side to properly manifest in the way that Merry has spoken about.

('Knew' was a ridiculous term. Carly didn't know anything. It felt like such a long time since she'd known anything at all that was real.)

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Merry, Geordie and Ellie were leaving for Aberdeen in the morning. Daria had a few things Merry needed. Money, mostly. Money and a car. Geordie drove Neil's van to Daria's, and waited outside while Merry went in to talk to her sister.

"You are not going to Aberdeen by yourself!" Daria exclaimed (quietly, since the babies were asleep upstairs). "That is - that is - no."

... )
Carly shared her shitty rented house with three other people a little older than her but with just about as much money. She missed her proper home but it had been so long now that she didn't suppose she could really call her father's house 'home' anymore. It was March when he'd kicked her out and now it was Christmas Day, her first Christmas not spent at home and it was incredibly depressing.

It's the most wonderful time of the year )


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