Mar. 16th, 2014

Some days Stephie could sense the bad day coming and some days she couldn’t. The day before might have been good and the day before that and the week before that, but sometimes she woke up and she was back at zero.

On those mornings the only thing that got her out of bed was Marie. She would hear Marie chattering to herself in her room, or Marie would come into Stephie’s room, and Stephie knew she had to get Marie fed and dressed and pack her bags and send her to Thomas’s house.

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Being nearly seven months pregnant, Tallulah decided, was pretty fucking horrible. She didn't feel the persistent and unforgiving nausea anymore. Now there were swollen ankles and crowded lungs and a very active fetus kicking her bladder relentlessly. She was always hungry and she felt tired no matter how much she slept. Because being pregnant meant she couldn't do her normal job, she was stuck in the little ticket counter at The London Dungeon, which she hated.

After leaving work at five, Tallulah took a taxi home. She was exhausted, but she still managed to text Jinx as she ascended the stairs to her room. She just wanted him to come over and pamper her because she didn't have the energy to pamper herself. She needed food and a foot massage and hell, maybe he could draw her a bath and then eat her out afterwards. All of that sounded really great right about now.


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