Rachel rifled through her room, pushing aside clothes, piles of magazines, her bedside lamp with the dead lightbulb she hadn’t been bothered to fix, but she couldn’t find her phone anywhere.

She crawled under the covers of her bed, groping down the far corners of the sheets in case it had slipped down, but it wasn’t there either. Where had she put it?

She couldn’t remember where she’d last seen it. Maybe she’d left it at Zoe’s place at dinner the other night? Maybe in Cai’s car? But they would have found it and bought it back, surely. Did she have it yesterday? What did she do yesterday? Napped a lot and watched most of a season of America’s Next Top Model and ate peanut butter sandwiches while the rain hammered down on the windows, too wet and dark to go outside. Or was that the day before? Or both?

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Placeholder to remind me to write Peter and Sad Thomas and bedsiecuddletimes.
“Your armchair’s gone,” Zoe said, frowning at the space in Rachel’s room that used to be inhabited by an arm chair covered in laundry.

“Mm, sold it,” Rachel replied. “There’s a lady down the hall with loads of kids and nowhere to put them. What do I need a chair in my room for anyway?”

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Teagan’s parents car rumbled down the highway, smooth enough as highways went, but to Teagan it was unbearable. The constant movement of the car made her feel sick, every slight bump threw the bile in her belly up her throat and she had to choke it back down. Her head ached; she thought she could ignore it to begin with, when they first started driving. Within the city limits of Liverpool the traffic was relatively slow, and the motion sickness wasn’t as bad. But out on the highway it was a nightmare. Sickness crawled up her body, clogged her brain, made her feel utterly miserable.

Being in her head without Kenzie was almost worse, though. As if every good aspect of Kenzie that Teagan shared had been torn out of her as well. All that power, that feeling she was something special, was gone, and had been replaced with grief, and hatred, and anger. She’d loved Kenzie, Kenzie was family, Kenzie was closer than her own sister, Kenzie was all the brightest bits of her, and Kenzie was gone. Not just dead, but gone.

Teagan had killed her.

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Placeholder for Priory times which I will write when I feel less sick.
Upon hearing of Carly Malec's situation, Serenity had done everything she could to try to make it so Carly could come work at Mariposa. They did have an employee leaving, but not for a few weeks. She figured if she switched some shifts around she could fit Carly in ASAP.

She texted Carly and asked her to come into Mariposa for a meeting. Sure, Serenity was already pretty decided, but she had to at least pretend to do the official thing. When Carly arrived Serenity told her to order whatever she wanted on the house and then she led her back to a more private booth.

"How are you doing today?" Serenity asked, trying not to give the girl a worried once-over.
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It was Rachel's birthday and Danny decided that all the things he was worried about didn't matter. Today he was going to spoil his girlfriend and he wasn't going to even think about her drinking, or the fact that he was terrified about money, or having to go to court and face Greg again. The rest of the world could fuck off today. Today he was going to spoil her rotten.

Despite the fact that a few of the nurses had protested, Danny had managed to set himself up in his wheelchair. He was fairly sure he was going to pay for it the next day, but this was important to him. He had even managed to get dressed, though not as snazzy as he wanted to be. He settled on jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt he hoped would make Rachel laugh.

With the help of Dr Abby, Cai and Zoe, he decorated his hospital room with battery-operated fairy lights and several colour-changing LED candles because he knew Rachel liked bright things.

It was all ready now, the presents resting on the bed and the music cued up. Nerves unsettled his stomach as he waited for her to arrive. All he wanted in the world right now was to make Rachel happy.
Cai had to admit he was a little bit scared of going shopping with Zoe today. He pulled on his best non-church jeans and tried to avoid the mirror because that would make things worse (whatever he tried to do with his hair it just flopped back, but, he hoped, endearingly) and kept remind himself hey, she kissed you, remember?

But then she’d also told him not to touch her, which stuck in his mind just as firmly.

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When Jinx really thought about it, it was a little odd.

He'd moved from Manchester following Delilah so many years ago and here in London he'd met so many new people and made a completely new life for himself. After all the women he'd been with since coming to London, in 20-freaking-14 he was back with Tallulah - one of the very first girls he'd dated - and they were on the verge of having a baby and starting a family together. After all the friends he'd made and after Delilah leaving London for years and running away from everything, Jinx had ended up practically living with her now; Delilah, who was almost his oldest friend in the world.

It was weird that all life's turns had led him right back to the people he started off with. He didn't mind though.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" Delilah demanded from where she sat at the kitchen table, flicking through her magazine.

"Nah," Jinx said, waiting for the kettle to boil, "it's nothing. Just thinking what a loser you are."

"Fag," Delilah told him, because goddamn Jinx had the most obvious fond face in the world. And living with Tal, Delilah saw that expression a whole lot from him.

"Telling my baby mama about that crack," Jinx informed her. "Hey Tal!" he called out so that Tal - in the living room - was sure to hear. "Your roommate thinks I'm faggy!"
Two weeks into classes and Merry thought everyone seemed to be holding together.

Joss made it to classes every day, not that Merry was keeping attendance (she was absolutely keeping attendance). He turned up under the trees near McKinley most mornings with a coffee and a cigarette (he’d started smoking again, in earnest) and waiting for her or Ellie to notice him skulking and either come out or let him in. He never tried to call up and he didn’t text to say he was around, he’d just park himself somewhere and wait. He kind of reminded Merry of the Waterhouse's cat Hecate, aloof, yet totally needy.

... )
Joss was still awake when Leon came home, in the early hours of the morning as a flurry of raindrops were starting to fall. He’d heard the car come back and had drifted from the lounge toward the kitchen to pick at the remains of dinner and wait for Leon while pretending he wasn’t waiting for Leon.

“What’s up with Carly?” Joss asked, casually, as Leon joined him in the devouring of the cold chicken while the kettle boiled.

... )
Marina knew that she had to get to Percy before Giles did, or there would be hell to pay. So even while arguing with Giles, she was dialing Percy's number with her other hand. But instead of him picking up it went to his stupid pre-recorded message and Marina swore, pacing her room and waiting for the beep.

"Hi, it's Marina," she said when it went though. "Look, we really need to talk and I hope that the reason this went to voicemail isn't because you're on the phone with Giles right now. Please, just call me back? There's things I need to talk to you about and I need to do it before Giles does because he'll do it bad and there's no way I'll come off looking... god, I don't know, just... call me?"

She hung up and pushed her fingers through her hair, glaring at the computer screen where Giles' words burned.
After work, Carly got changed in the backroom, shimmying out of her unflattering polo shirt uniform and into the dress she'd recently bought but couldn't justify, even though it had been on sale. Although, as soon as she saw her reflection in the full length window of a shop as she made her way down the street, she decided that the dress had already paid for itself.

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Rachel woke as the front door of the car slammed shut, screaming in shock which made Dom, who was not expecting to be screamed up when climbing into his own car, start screaming too.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Dom tried to be a calm and collected adult as Rachel scrambled for the door. “It’s okay, it’s okay, Rachel? Rachel, look at me.” Rachel stopped with her hand on the handle, panting. He didn’t look angry but adrenaline was thumping through her body and she wanted to get out and run. “You okay? You’re okay.”

... )
Having rich friends was a fortunate thing when one was dirt poor, and so Carly was grateful for the continued and slightly weird presence that was Lanie Thwaite; Lanie who knew where the best parties were happening or who would arrange them somewhere if there weren't any to be heard of. Lanie who was never stingy with her alcohol and who could always be trusted to have something a little more special on her and pass it off to friends. Thank God for Lanie.

The party was being thrown in an old church somewhere out near the East End - Carly had gotten there on the back of some older guy's motorbike and she didn't know how she'd get home yet. That could be dealt with later, when she was far more drunk. It felt like ages since Carly had properly been out, either too exhausted from work, or dwelling on that 'probably a demonic being' thing, or dwelling on boys she'd stupidly allowed to break her heart. But Carly didn't want to be that girl. She wanted to be the infamous Carly Malec again and what better way than pressed against some unshaved biker and with a head slightly swirling with gin?

I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy )
The old walnut grandfather clock in the hallway wouldn't keep proper time.

Nia had changed the batteries in it three times, the last time even buying a brand new pack to make sure that wasn't it. But it wasn't. The batteries worked fine in the alarm clock beside her bed.

Empty momentum )
After saying goodnight to Danny, Rachel did end up on the roof again.

She felt so flat. Depressed, she supposed. But the world had given her reasons to be. Some voice in her head told her to go to the roof, she’d feel better on the roof, and she listened, and hauled herself off the couch, and crept back up.

... )
She had said she was dating him and Razvan wasn't entirely sure what to say to that. It was a strange concept, dating. He was dating someone? As far as he knew, they were just fucking.

He stuck his head around the door of her office, knocking lightly as he did so. "Can I come in?"


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