Apr. 26th, 2014

Faye and Roe shared a room. They didn’t need to; there were enough bedrooms in the house for the girls to have one each, and when they both first came to the Finch’s, they did have their own rooms.

Faye had spent a few days a week for much of the past two years at Casa Rosa. She came from a single parent family and her mother had two jobs and no support systems, and till Faye was fourteen, which was still years away, she needed stable adults in her life. She liked staying with Nonnie and Dom, and would pretend they were her real grandparents, and Cai was her real brother.
Faye had seen other foster children come and go, and she had had other foster families. Before she came to stay with the Finches, she’d lived exclusively with another family who had been bigger, and louder, and sometimes nasty.

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On Rachel’s first day of freedom, she met Zoe early in the morning for a proper run together. She was buzzed before they even started to warm up, just from the simple prospect of running without supervision. A whole day without supervision! And later she and Zoe were going to the movies with Danny and Cai. Boys!

Rachel was very excited about boys.

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Rachel and Zoe both showered at Rachel's house, because it was much closer to the cinema where they were meeting the boys. Though Zoe had bought her own change of clothes, Rachel pleaded with Zoe to let her dress her.

"Seriously?" Zoe asked, very sceptical about this arrangement.

"Pleeaaase," Rachel pleaded. "Come on, the number of times I've stolen your clothes, or Danny's. It's only fair."

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As the afternoon stretched into the evening, Zoe and Rachel and Danny and Cai made their way through many kids movies, a very subdued dinner, and plenty of worried looks from Zoe’s mums. After dinner, Val arrived to take Danny home and Rachel got a lift back to her own place. Her fear – no, her apprehension – around Val was still there, but there were bigger things to think about now.

Rachel hugged Zoe for a long time before leaving.

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