Mar. 20th, 2014

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Danny hadn't slept well the night before and there were dark circles under his eyes. By this free period, right before lunchtime, it was a struggle just to stay upright and he had to appetite to speak of. Instead of eating, he got a huge cup of coffee and went to a bench outside to sip at it.

Once parked on the bench, he pulled out his journal and started to record the details of his nightmares the night before. His therapist wanted Danny to keep track of them and if the woman thought it would help, Danny would try it. By this point he didn't think anything would ever make them go away, but he had to try. He idea of his entire life being like this was unimaginable.

He heard people walk around him from time to time, but he didn't really look up. He figured if they wanted him, they would say something.
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Danny was already feeling stressed when he arrived home from therapy. He had gone for his weekly session directly after school and the entire hour had been brutal. Dropping his bag inside the door, he made a beeline for the sofa so he could relax, and the phone rang and interrupted his plans.

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