By the time the first pink bouquet arrived at the hospital, Yvonne had taken charge.

"Get it out of here," she'd hissed to the delivery man - the poor delivery man just doing his job and having no idea of the sort of horrible situation he'd walked into. But the flowers had to be collected and so Yvonne did it, throwing them - and the CONGRATULATIONS! balloon - into the closest bin.

... )
Whenever Yvonne was alone in a room with Jillian, she always thought she could snap my neck right now before the protocols even had a chance to kick in. It wasn't a comforting thought, but there it always lingered. Standing close enough to the murderous demon to hear her breathing, Yvonne reminded herself that people deserved second chances - that that she actually believed that in most cases in this hospital.

Sometimes Yvonne thought about Cinders and the hospital around her went deeply Silent Hill and she had to pause wherever she was and take a few deep breaths to calm down. She couldn't work in the hospital and harbour her vengeful thoughts about killing Cinders, and so she had to choose. She chose work. And so Yvonne closed her eyes and when she opened them again, the hospital was light and alive.

So when you gonna learn? When will you tend to these burns? )


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