Oct. 10th, 2014

Zoe had mixed feelings about university.

On the one hand, it was a comfort to be one part of a faceless crowd, all of them with their own personal end goals. It felt good to have a purpose, and be surrounded by people with a similar purpose.

On the other hand, she wished Danny was here with her. Or if Cai was a year older (and cared about higher education, which he didn’t) or even Rachel, just to have someone to hang out with between classes. Through high school she’d gotten used to being on her own, then in her final year Rachel had attached herself to Zoe and now it almost felt like Zoe didn’t know how to spend the day on her own without missing anyone.

... )
Most days, Marina had been doing magic with Percy in the evenings. (Some days they didn't do much in the way of magic, ending up with a few beers and tv instead. Hanging out at Percy's place was more fan than hanging out at her own without anyone there. If Percy was sick of her presence, he'd not yet made any mention of it.)

But late tonight they were at the theatre, Marina walking slowly around the filled tank of water, a sense of excitement building inside of her. This was her first time attempting it under water. She could undo the ropes, she could escape the bonds, but she'd not yet done it with the threat of drowning. It was new. It was terrifying. It was pretty amazing.

She turned over her shoulder and grinned at Percy. When they did this in a show she'd dress the part - the corset, the heels, the waterproof makeup. But tonight was practise and they needed to start slow, so she had taken off her shoes and striped down out of her clothes, leaving only her black tank top and matching boyshorts. She tied her hair up now into a tight bun and asked, "you ready?"


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