Jul. 27th, 2014

It took a couple of weeks for Harley to find a place where they could stay in the long term, whatever long term meant. Weeks or months, Rachel didn’t ask. Danny had been stolen by his uncle and so it didn’t matter how long Harley was planning to keep them in this boxed in room on the eighteenth floor of the tower block.

They moved in the weekend after Danny was taken. Rachel spent the day she should have been getting ready for prom hauling their belongings into the flat. There was quite a lot of stuff from Imogene’s there actually. Rachel was confused as she unpacked a box on the threadbare carpet of the living room. “We have two blu-ray players?” she asked, setting the one she’d just pulled from the box on the floor next to the other. “But no telly.”

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On Zoe's way home from Rachel's depressing flat, her phone beeped loudly to tell her someone had made a new post. She'd set it up so she wouldn't miss anything. She was glad she had.

She rang Cai. "Look Zo, don't worry. I'm fine," he lied. "Everything's fine."

"Right," said Zoe. "See you soon."

"No - Zoe - It's fine."

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Zoe took a taxi back to Cai's to pick him up. He didn't want to take the car today; he didn't trust himself to drive. Not after Zoe told him what they were going to be doing. They sat in the back of the taxi together and didn't touch and barely talked.

"It's going to be really bad, isn't it?" Cai asked, though he'd seen Peter's warning. Of course it was going to be bad.

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The text came through to Zoe at 11:38pm: Are you asleep?

Hah, no. she replied. I am definitely not asleep tonight.

A moment later Zoe’s phone started to gently ring. "I can’t sleep either,” Cai said, though that fact was fairly obvious.

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