Apr. 23rd, 2014

After school, Cai and Zoe and Danny had missioned through Camden to buy Rachel a sneaky second phone before getting the bus back to Cai's house. He led the way down his quiet street, most of the time a few paces in front of the others, walking backwards to talk to them. He'd lived in this house for all of his life, and was familiar enough with the street to know where the cracks or lumps in the footpath were and when to duck under protruding tree branches without looking at them.

“Welcome to Casa Rosa,” said Cai, as the three of them stopped in front of the pink house and it became obvious that this was their destination. There was a little wrought iron fence that Cai usually just vaulted over, but since he had guests and one of them was wearing a school skirt he thought he better be a gentleman and use the gate.

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When Danny walked through the door on Thursday afternoon, he was carrying a large chocolate muffin in his hands. "Mum!" he called out to her, hoping she was actually home. He really wanted to talk to her, and the muffin was apparently to soften her up. He didn't really know why it was necessary, but he had gotten it anyway. He planned to hide behind it a little bit.

"Mum, can you meet me in the dining room?" he called out and then he went to grab a glass of water before taking a seat.


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