Mar. 15th, 2014

After having tea with Thomas, Peter excused himself to head to the hospital.

If these headaches he was having recently really were a recurrence of his brain tumours, he was going to have to go through a lot of crap before he was better. There might be chemo and pain and surgery again, or they could decide not to treat like the first time he had had it. The cancer had run its course and Peter had been unable to remember his family or even who he was by the end of it.

Decay )
Abby opened the door to the Kemp's house and then she glanced at Peter who was standing beside her, swaying slightly. She had found him before he had finished too much of the bottle, but he still wore a hangdog expression as she took his arm and led him into the house.

Aly Kemp was seated on the sofa just surrounded by children. William, Rasputina and Tommy were playing with blocks at her feet and she was reading Lauren a book while the tiny girl fussed in her arms. She looked up when Abby walked in with her husband, and she clearly recognised the look he was giving her immediately. "Oh goodness. Did you have to drive him home?" she asked, rising to her feet and hefting Lauren onto her hip.



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