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"That's right, my sweet boy," Greg said as he stroked Danny's sweaty hair in his own post-coital bliss.

Danny, however, was feeling anything but bliss. Greg had just spent the last hour squeezing down on Danny's windpipe, cutting off his air supply gradually until Danny couldn't breathe at all. Greg had refused to release his hold completely until Danny came. He wasn't sure himself how he had even managed to even stay hard, let alone climax eventually when his lungs were burning and his heart was pounding in his ears, his bound hands balled into fists in the sheets. That his uncle was an incubus who could take care of that for him wasn't something he was aware of.

Once Greg had released his grip, Danny had gasped desperately for breath while Greg came inside him. Even after several minutes, Danny felt like he would never have enough air in his lungs again and his throat ached every time he swallowed. "You did so well," Greg purred from his spot beside Danny.

Danny turned his face away from Greg, the sheet wet against his cheek from his own sweat and tears. He wanted to scream at Greg but there was no air and no strength and instead he just closed his eyes and wished for unconsciousness.

"Dan, I brought you a present," Greg said, his voice suddenly very close to Danny's ear. "Open your eyes."

"No," Danny hissed, the anguish it caused his bruised windpipe both shocking and horrible. "Leave me alone." He was tired. So tired. Greg couldn't want him again so soon, could he? What if Greg expected to wring another orgasm out of him when he honestly had nothing left to give. If the man pressed down on his throat again, Danny was just going to end up dead and if he was honest, that was kind of okay.

"Dan-" Greg said, all kindness now missing from his voice. "Open your fucking eyes."

Danny only complied because defying actually took more energy, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself tied to the wall of Greg's bedroom in a standing position. The abrupt change made him sick to his stomach as his head swam. "Wha-"

"She's here to join us," Greg said, pointing to the bed where Rachel was now tied down, mewling out Danny's name. "She wanted to be with you."

"RACHEL!" Danny screamed, the words torn from his abused throat. "NO!" He wasn't going to let this happen. He couldn't let this happen! Struggling against his bonds did nothing, however, and he was helpless as he watched Greg start to climb on top of his girlfriend. "No! Nonono, Greg, no!" Danny wailed, bursting into horrified tears.

"Shhh, Dan," Greg said to him over his shoulder. "If you're going to be with her, this has to happen."

If he couldn't stop it, Danny sure as hell wasn't going to watch. He squeezed his eyes shut and turned his face away until he felt a hard slap against his cheek, which at least meant Greg wasn't near Rachel any more. He opened his eyes in the shock and there was Cai and not Greg, staring at him, eyes burning with anger. "You're going to fucking watch me, Dan," Cai growled, his hand going to Danny's face, squeezing it mercilessly. "And if you close your eyes I'm going to hurt her. Do you understand me?"

"Cai, please-" Danny whimpered, and Cai's other hand reached out, curling around Danny's lacerated palm. He gripped hard, squeezing down on Danny's injuries, making him scream and his eyes water with pain. "Do you understand," Cai repeated, his grip tightening.

"Yes! YES I understand!" Danny begged, now just to stop his own pain and not in fear for Rachel's at all. "Please- Cai, stop, pleasestopstopstopstop." Only then did Cai release him and return to Rachel, crawling up onto the mattress until he was on top of her-

An inhuman scream tore Danny from his dreams and it took him several moments before he even realised it was his own. Frantically Danny sat and checked the room to make sure he wasn't still in his Uncle's bedroom in Wales. Pale walls, closet with a collage of Wolf on the doors, ensuite bathroom off to the left with the light still on so Danny didn't have to sleep in the dark. He was safe in his room in Priory.

Or as safe as he ever was.

With a hand clutching at the collar of his t-shirt, Danny leaned back against the pillow, gasping for breath. "Oh god-" he whispered to no one. "Oh god." The nightmares had worsened since he decided he needed to see Greg, but that was the first time Greg had morphed into Cai. The first time he'd had to watch Rachel-

Gasps became frantic sobs as Danny pressed his face into his pillow to stifle the noise of his crying. He had been crying all day already and his head hurt. Sleep wasn't any solace. If he didn't know the cost, he might have given in to his intense desire to walk right off the roof of Priory (if he could have managed it) right then and there. Instead he knew he couldn't. He was trapped and in that moment he resented every single person he had to stay for except Rachel. Rachel understood.

Sniffing hard, Danny lifted his head to search for his phone. He fired off a text message to her, just telling her he loved her. It didn't make him feel any better, but maybe it would make her smile for just a second. That was something worth hoping for.

Turning on to his back, Danny continued to cry softly as he stared up at the ceiling. How in the hell was he honestly supposed to move on with his life as if nothing had happened? At the moment, nothing seemed more out of reach than that.


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