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So...this happened (Elijah, David, Siobahn)

While having voices in his head was something Elijah was going to have to get used to, at least he wasn't dead. That was the phrase he kept repeating over and over when it seemed like this whole angel thing was just too much to deal with.

I could be dead. I would have been dead. I'm alive and this is the only reason-

The man he was told took up residence in his head seems kind enough, and given the fact that the man saved his life, Elijah was willing to do whatever the man wanted, within reason. It turned out what the man wanted more than anything is to go visit an ex-girlfriend now that he was no longer banging around inside his sister's brain. And that seemed more than fair enough to Eli.

He had been staying with the Kemps for the past week while he prepared to move back to London, but David knew the way to Siobhan's house by heart. When finally, blessedly they were left alone, Eli snuck out the back door and borrowed Peter's car. David swore up and down Peter wouldn't mind.

By the time he arrived at Siobhan's house, his palms were sweating which was a little unnerving because Elijah wasn't the one who was nervous here. "Cut it out, man," he said before he raised his hand and knocked.

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