Jun. 28th, 2014

The world around Zoe was getting hectic, and Juliet found herself glad she was hanging around the Kemp Manor this week instead of fussing with her dad in his new and improved bachelor's pad. She hated to see Zoe looking so worried and stressed, even if she understood why her friend was feeling that way.

So, with all the strength within her, she slowly turned the warm tap in Zoe's private bathroom, until hot water was pouring down the drain. It didn't take long for the room to steam up and, after turning the tap again, because wasting water wasn't all that polite, even if you were dead, Juliet proceeded to write a message on the mirror with a ghostly finger.

You're never alone Zoe.

- ♥ J
Val had no outlet for her current stress. Usually she would just run a little more than usual, but she wasn't going to leave Danny's side even for small sections of time, let alone to take off around the block. And so the world had become just her and Danny, and for now Val was okay with that. She knew that she would give her life to protect Danny from having to come into contact with her half-brother again.

When Danny slept, Val watched him, not reaching out to stroke his forehead, not wanting to wake him. But she wanted to hold him all the time, keeping her arms strong around him like an unbreakable wall. It couldn't ever work like that though.

Very late into Saturday night, unable to sleep, Val crept out of the living room where they had dragged their mattresses to sleep. Val couldn't even stand the idea of him sleeping somewhere where she wasn't that close by. She picked up the phone in the kitchen and looked back to Danny again. He slept, and Val was glad.

Outside the air was still and warm and Val dialed as she pulled the door closed behind her, resting against it. Cars on streets that weren't hers were one of the only sounds Val could hear as she listened to the dialtone of her older brother's phone.


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