Jun. 15th, 2014

"Parker," Jude said in a tone that she thought was very calm, "if you change radio stations one more time I swear to god I'll pull this car over so I can strangle you. Just pick a station!"

Parker, in the front seat of Vivica, sighed heavily and sunk back against the upholstery. "I'm so bored of driving."

"That's becoming painfully clear," Jude said, eyes on the road. It was, at worst, only a two hour drive from Cambridge to London and yet Parker acted as though they'd been stuck in the car for two days instead. Parker was not the person to be trapped in a vehicle with. Parker was bloody annoying to be trapped in a vehicle with. "Should have got you more travel sweets," she muttered, glad they were at least getting close to their destination. Although she didn't want Parker too hyped up on sugar - she was already bouncy enough just coming back to London.

Pulling into the driveway at Victoria Lane, Jude considered that she could have called ahead, but showing up unannounced just had such a better impact.

Please, she thought as she climbed out, don't let anyone be kidnapped, dead, or in the midst of a breakdown. But those were all high odds and she tried not to dread it. If Parker was worried it didn't show - she was beaming as she bounced up to knock on the door, Jude following at a slightly more sedate pace but with a smile already happening.
Cai came to, though a weighty sickness hung over him, so he kind of wished he hadn’t. He felt like if he moved he might throw up, and if he stayed as still and as quiet as possible he might be able to crawl pathetically back into unconsciousness again. But there was a whispering, a frantic whispering near his face and a thick smell of girl – perfume or just intense shampoos – and a faint movement of air against his face.

Rachel was sitting on the bed very close to him, flapping her hands near him like the wind would make him better. “Cai did I break you? Cai wake up!” There was a fear in her eyes he’d seen before, other times when he woke after gripping her hand and opening his eyes.

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