Apr. 25th, 2014

A few days after she and Danny had gone over to Cai’s house, and about a week after Zoe had turned eighteen, Cai and Zoe met after school to talk about visions.

Cai had to head home first. Roe had started attending a school not far from London College for a couple of afternoon lessons a week, so he walked past it to meet her on his way home. After that, Dom was also home from work and let him borrow the car to get to Zoe’s, on the promise that he’d pick up groceries on his way home. Cai had passed his driver’s test first time, which was one of his proudest accomplishments, and the feeling was still new enough that he was happy to do almost any chore so long as it involved driving.

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Cai hadn’t been able to imagine Zoe’s bedroom; anything would have surprised him but he was ready to be surprised. She had a lot of books, and a messy desk, but the thing that struck him the most was the heart made from torn up pink paper, pasted to Zoe’s wall. It didn’t seem like a Zoe thing to have.

“A friend made it for me,” Zoe said, when she caught him looking at it. Juliet had pieced it together one night and left it on her floor, and Zoe had taken the paper and stuck every bit of it to her wall. It had faded quite a bit over the years, as the sun poured in through her windows, and some of the scraps of paper were a darker pink where they were covered by others.

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