Apr. 11th, 2014

Thursday after getting home from school, and into the night, Zoe tried to distract herself. She proofread that assignment for Monday, which would leave her weekend free (free to do absolutely nothing in, she thought bitterly). She watched some TV with Hope. She went over and over the argument in her head.

Mostly the comment they called me E-laid stuck in her head, and Zoe couldn’t stop imagining how horrible that must have been. There were other things that came out of the blue though, like you think I’m a liar. Where did that come from? Zoe had been suspicious of her, yeah, but she’d never accused her of being a liar.

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Cai saw Zoe disappear from the surface of the pool; it was hard to miss her great splashing arms as the water around her went still.

He dove under and kicked off the wall, shooting through the water to get closer to her. She was having some sort of fit, and he knew you weren’t supposed to touch people when they were having a fit but first aid guides never said anything about what to do if the fit was underwater. Careless of them. He’d have to use common sense instead.

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