Apr. 7th, 2014

Josie's house in the outer Circle of Regent's Park was the perfect place for covert night time activities. Her bedroom was the second floor - Miles made mocking references to his crazy housemate who lived in the attic - and from the windows she could look one way and see Regent's Park. She could swing herself onto the roof and stand tall and look over the other houses and see the corner of Victoria Lane, if not Stephie's house itself.

Since Jude had left town, Josie didn't have excessive amounts of purpose. Stephie had her job flying the helicopters and a few afternoons selling music, and she had that kid, which took up even more of her time. Miles was at university basically all the time figuring out what he needed to actually take over the world in an official and legal manner. Rosa was all set being Rosa all the time.

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