Sep. 11th, 2014

At first Percy hadn't believed a word Giles was saying. The idea that Marina could kill someone was a ridiculous one. Giles might as well have suggested he had learned how to go invisible and he had used those powers to steal the crown jewels. There was a kind of terrified sincerity on his brother's face, however, as Giles refused to change his story.

Marina was bad news. She had killed someone and made Giles help her dispose of the body. And Percy knew Giles was really only telling him to get him to stop seeing Marina, since he still believed they were together, but he couldn't help that the information terrified him. Sure, their relationship status was a lie, but they were still spending a lot of time together so Percy could teach Marina how to do the more involved escapes and illusions.

He arrived at the bar, nervously playing with this sleeves as he found a table in a corner to sink into. He nursed an alcohol-free beer, not really willing to be intoxicated if he found out that somehow Marina really was some kind of bloodthirsty killer.


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