Sep. 1st, 2014

I’m not wearing my gloves to school thought Cai as he pulled himself together for his first day back. I don’t need them. I don’t want to need them.

It was not so much a stubborn thought as a bit of a pitiful one – with his old friends still presumably avoiding him as much as he was avoiding them and his new friends not in school any more Cai didn’t think it was necessary. He didn’t expect to talk to anyone today, let alone touch them. And he could keep himself to himself in the hallways.

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On the Sunday before classes started back, Merry was reorganising her room in McKinley Hall, unpacking her life back into her room. It felt like ages since she’d been here; a different woman had returned than the one who had left, and Merry wasn’t sure she liked her as much.

They’d been back in London for a week – she and Ellie and Geordie, Joss and Leon. Merry had been staying at Neil’s, and there hadn’t been a single day between coming home and leaving again than Merry hadn’t burst into tears at something totally stupid. This was not like her, not like the person she wanted to be at all.

She was more exhausted, and, Merry though, less brave.

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Danny was on his fourth hour of a Britain's Got Talent marathon, and wondering just how long before the urge to die would return with a vengeance. He was still tied down, the staff not trusting him for a second when he said he wasn't going to try to kill himself again. At least he could still work the telly since the remote was within reach, right beside the call button.

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