Aug. 26th, 2014

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Danny was still tied down, since the hospital feared he might try to remove his feeding tube if he wasn't. It was not an unfounded fear, since he had demanded no less than four times that they do exactly that. Being confined anywhere wasn't going to make Danny feel fantastic after his time with Greg but now he felt trapped in a life he didn't want, in a body he had quite significantly damaged.

It was all rather shite.

At least he was spending most of his time asleep, since the kind of trauma he had been through was taxing on the body. When he woke up to find only his mother in the room though, he tried to at least not look angry for her sake. "Mum," he mumbled, trying to stretch in the restraints. "Hey. Have you gone home at all?" He was worried about her. She needed to sleep too.


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