Aug. 24th, 2014

Zoe kept having the same conversation.

“What happened?” Rachel would ask, frowning down at her arm.

“Do you remember anything?” Zoe leaned forward, her elbows resting on the side of Rachel's bed. "Were you up on the roof? Do you remember?”

Rachel mumbled something in the negative, tipping her face up to stare at the ceiling. Her face was grazed lightly up the side of her cheek and worse at her temple where her head had struck the ground.

“Don’t you remember, Rachel?”

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After twelve hours of life-saving surgery, during which Danny tried to die a grand total of four more times, Danny was pronounced if not out of the woods, at least stable. He was being kept in intensive care, his body full of tubes, a breathing mask over his face. He would stay there until he was well enough to be moved into the psych ward, but that could take a while; possibly weeks.

Danny finally woke up, twenty-seven hours after electrocuting himself, his body too weak to move. Even if he had had the ability to do so, his arms and legs had been restrained, lest he be upset about the fact that he wasn't dead, and try again.

His eyes rested on a fuzzy image of the doctor as the woman explained there had been damage to his heart and one day he would likely need a transplant. His brain felt heavy and slow and he didn't even remember what had happened, so it was hardly surprising that he couldn't comprehend that he had irreparably damaged his body.

Somewhere in the middle of the woman's explanation, Danny fell asleep again. A few hours later he woke up again, his eyes focusing on the other people in the room; the only people allowed to visit him in the ICU, his family. "Mm. Hey," he muttered to them, his tongue refusing to work right, and the words were further muffled by the oxygen mask on his face. "Ev'rything hurts."
Cai could hear Rachel singing from the doorway, her voice thin as a reed and her words and the tune unclear. He walked past the other two beds to the end of the room where Zoe sat on Rachel’s injured side, and the side between her and the other patients. Zoe snapped to attention as he came around the curtain, but relaxed a little when she saw it was him. “Rach, shush,” she said, giving the blankets over Rachel’s legs a short tug to get her attention.

Rachel made a noise like hauling her eyelids open was the most strenuous activity. “Caiiiusss,” she smiled. “Cai-yuss. Cai.”

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Cai left Rachel’s room and found Zoe just down the hall, slumped down in a chair with arms folded across her chest, staring at the opposite wall. This time when she saw him she didn’t relax, she made a huffing noise of total frustration and stood up to stomp away.

“Zoe wait-” Cai picked up his pace to catch up with her. “What’s going on with you?”

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