Aug. 23rd, 2014

The final two floors of the block of flats were closed off – there’d been a fire there long before Rachel and Harley moved in and the doors to the stairs had been bolted shut. The door on the east staircase had a busted padlock, and though the staircase was chained off it wasn’t difficult to step over chains. Rachel had heard people fighting up here, and there was broken glass bottles, trash and condoms littered everywhere.

Most of the time it was even kind of peaceful. Only one corner of the building had been damaged by the fire and it can’t have been more than cosmetic otherwise the rest of the building wouldn’t have been open, right? To be fair, Rachel didn’t care right now if the whole building did come down. She didn’t care if anyone stabbed her in the closed off staircases. Didn’t care if the crazy guys who squatted up here heard her creeping through the abandoned hallway.

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