Jul. 20th, 2014

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By the time Greg finally let Danny out of the locked trunk, he had been awake for hours. The curled position he had been forced to lie in had cramped his muscles tightly and every minute movement caused pain to needle throughout his body. The only reason he hadn't continued his screaming litany to be released was the arid state of his throat. His hands and feet had sustained severe cuts, some still containing the offending glass, and they throbbed painfully. Despite that, Daniel had wrapped his arms around himself, hands curled tightly around his sides. The only thing keeping him from completely losing it was thinking about Rachel.

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Oh - fuck that I got your machine. Fuck it - I wanted to have a conversation but maybe this is better, you can delete this when I'm done. Delete me, and then it'll be over. Properly over.

You - you... when we get Danny back you will stay out of his life. You call him ungrateful but you're the one that should be grateful for the fucking gift of his presence. You will never yell at him again, you will never make him feel like he is less than what he is. Maybe leaving a message is best because then you don't have a change to argue because there will be no argument here. You will stay out of his life from now on. You are not worthy.

Hell - I could go on for hours about how little you are worth but you are not even worth the time. Hah!- And it's cruel of me to waste my time to tell you you are not worth it. You are not a parent. You have never acted like a parent.

Ignore me, refuse me, whatever, but I will never forgive you for how you have treated Danny. I will never forgive you for yelling at him, for being angry at him for surviving. You know the last conversation we had was about how shit you were?

You are not his family. I am his family.

So fuck you.
Cai woke up on Sunday morning feeling almost as bad as he'd felt when he went to sleep.

Granted, he'd barely slept. By the time he'd turned off his light it had been what, three, four? And only a few hours had passed - it was eight in the morning and he had to get up and go to church.

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