Jul. 17th, 2014

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When Danny wakes up there's a feeling in the pit of his stomach, boiling away, that he mistakes for hunger. It's only after he tries to sit and the entire room feels like it's tilting, that Danny realises it's nausea he's feeling. His belly feels like it might turn itself inside out and he curls up on his side with a groan.

It takes several seconds more, before he realises he's not at home. The mattress underneath him is lumpy and unfamiliar and when he looks down at his knees, he doesn't recognise the pattern of the pyjama bottoms he's wearing.

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The night Rachel spent in jail, Cai spent at home. It was late when he finally got back to the pink house, because he’d been with Danny, Danny and Zoe after they’d left Indigo’s house. What a mess of a confrontation that had turned out to be. What a mess with Alexandria – things between them just kept getting messier and messier. Seeing her had been hard. She’d spent a lot of evenings at his house, eating dinner with his family, the family that was about to be torn apart.

When Cai finally came home, Nonnie had put the girls to bed and was waiting for him. She made hot milky tea and sat at the kitchen table and they talked about Dom. “Nonnie, what are we going to do? Do we tell him? We have to tell him…” His hands were so tight around the mug of tea his fingers burned hot.

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Danny never had a clue he was being followed and it might not have mattered at all, were it not for the car.

Rachel had been through so much lately, and whether they still went to prom on the 19th or not, Danny wanted to make his girlfriend happy if he could at all. He figured with or without prom, if he showed up at her door all dressed up and carrying flowers, he could put a smile on her face. Which was why he jumped at the chance to go shopping with Dylan the moment his mother mentioned she needed to speak to his father alone, just the two of them.

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