Jun. 26th, 2014

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Considering how horrified Danny had been after his nightmare, Cai's attempts to cheer him up with his antics were much appreciated. It hadn't made him smile like it might have on a normal day, but it had made him feel a little less panicky about the world in general.

Still, by the time fifteen minutes had passed, Danny was waiting outside for Cai's car, his arms wrapped around his chest as he paced the footpath. What he hadn't expected, and what froze his blood in his veins for a moment, was hearing his name called by a voice he didn't immediately recognise.

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After spending the afternoon with Cai, and talking to Melissa at the graveyard, Danny was feeling a little more brave. He had broken down and cried in Cai's car, and maybe that meant he could face his mother's fear when he told her his news.

A few weeks ago, Danny had thought he might have seen his uncle from afar. Yesterday he had seen him again in the park, and he was now 95% sure it had really been his uncle Gregor. He had run the moment he had spotted the man, and made sure he wasn't followed at the same time. Then he had notified the police, who had found no one matching his description.

Oh god, his mother was going to panic.

Danny went to find her in the kitchen and instead of calling her name, he simply moved over to her and touched her hand. "Mum," he said gently. "Mum, I have to talk to you."
Rachel was not sentimental enough to have bought her own pillow from home, though that would have gone some ways toward making her feel less like a guest and more like a person who might really live here.

On the other hand, her own pillow against the sheets of the Kemp's guest bed might make her feel more like a runaway. Rachel was trying not to feel like a runaway, and for the most part she was succeeding. It wasn't like last time she'd run away, where she had nowhere and no one to run to, just the single minded determination to escape her life. She'd just turned fourteen, and life was bad. Her Grandma was dying. School was bad. Her dad had just become involved in a public fight against her bullies which had made everything worse, because all the cruelty went underground.

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