Jun. 20th, 2014

It was late in the evening when Zoe left her conversation with Danny, the sun hanging low in the sky, and the heat of the day still shimmering in the air. Zoe felt suddenly suffocated by the house, and by Danny’s words, and by the thought of prom.

She knew the feeling well – the suffocation. The tightening of her chest, the rebelliousness of her lungs, refusing air. Her muscles wound tight around her bones; her body ready to run.

It kept happening. When she thought about the shooting, the auction. When she thought about prom. When Danny said he loved her. It made her want to break things. She didn’t want to think about why.

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The cafe where Marina waitressed most days wasn't a terrible place. The pay was decent, her workmates were fun and none of them had revealed themselves to be massive bigots of any sort (yet), her boss was fair, and it wasn't too terribly far from her apartment. It wasn't her dream job, but how many people actually got to work their dream jobs? Marina, like most, was working a job to pay her way through life and fine with it meaning little. She didn't need much money anyway; Marina didn't really care about material possessions and she knew how to be thrifty.

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With her nerves so high, Rachel was feeling like an electric witch again. She chewed her fingers as she waited for her friends to show up at her house, running up and down the stairs whenever a car drove past in case it was Cai or a dog bark in case Danny had Wolf or a knock on the door which could have been any of them but she thought she'd heard a few different knocks now and it was never them. Right up until the point that it was.

Cai arrived first, his hair a mad tangle as he pulled off his bike helmet. "Couldn't get the car," he said with a grin. "Dom's taking Roe to her specialist. Hey, do you know what the hardest part of learning to ride a bike is?"

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