May. 25th, 2014

“I don’t know, Cai,” said Zoe’s voice through Cai's phone. “I’m not good company right now.”

“I can be good enough for the both of us,” Cai said. “I can, I’m super good at company. Is this because of the lockdown?”

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On Saturday night, as the rain poured down outside, Rachel couldn't sleep. It wasn't bad - not as bad as a couple of weeks ago when she'd 'totally skitzed out', as Indigo had put it - but she was restless, and worried. Worries crowded in her head and none would let any of the others dominate. She her had final dance recital at the end of the week. That was worrying, although she was less worried about the performance than the written. The written was more worrying. But the pressure of getting on stage and dancing in front of everyone, with Joshua backstage, Joshua who kept making lewd faces at her in class, was - ak.


On top of that, she was worried about her final exams for her other classes. They were going to be bad.

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