May. 1st, 2014

In two(ish) months, Jinx was going to be a father. That was a lot. Jinx's own parents - while loving and decent people - had been difficult to connect to once he hit his teens and they divorced, and Jinx had serious worries about turning out the same way. What if Alice hated him? God, she wasn't even born yet and he was already trying to work out the clearest tactic to keep her on his side when she hit her teens.

He loved her though, that much he knew for sure. She only existed as an idea and, more recently, as a thing that kick against Tal's stomach and made her flesh move like there was an alien inside. (He'd already bought a tiny baby shirt for her that said, in bright pink letters, "Lil' Chestburster".)

Tal and Jinx had decided against the idea of living together )
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Danny had stubbornly stayed home from school until Friday, even though he started to feel better near the middle of the week. Rachel's visit on Monday had gotten him to a point where he didn't feel the need to self-harm in order to sleep, but he was too nervous to see anyone else.

Or he was too nervous to see Cai.

So...hi... )


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