Apr. 9th, 2014

To say that the days were hot wasn't exactly true, but it was warmer than it had been and in celebration of that (and the claims that it wasn't going to rain for a week) the Outdoor Couch of the Vatican had reclaimed its proper home Outdoors. Flick had spent most of the day hidden away with Davis in his bedroom, trying out - sometimes with great embarrassment - some things she'd read about on the internet, all of them with varying degrees of success. (A few days earlier there had been a party at the Vatican filled with lots of new people Flick still didn't really know, and Davis has spent a long time talking to one beautiful girl in particular. It had made Flick worry: what if he was getting bored with her? She really didn't want Davis thinking she was uninteresting in the bedroom and breaking up with her. Flick knew she was being paranoid on this front, but still she'd thought it.)

And so Flick felt vaguely uncomfortable when she came out to join the people on the Outdoors Couch and one of them was the beautiful girl in question. Flick ran a hand through her drying hair and then sat down with her cider, watching the girl a little as though she were a thing to be suspicious of. When the girl noticed this her response was a warm and bright smile and a leaning forward to her.

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