Apr. 3rd, 2014

Since the day she, Danny and Zoe had skipped school, the fog surrounding her thoughts and her moods had continued to hold. Every day Imogene had got her out of bed and taken her to school and every day she had sat in her classrooms feeling numb and blank and stupid, and frustrated with herself for all of this. Frustrated that she couldn't shake it. Frustrated that she couldn't find anything interesting or funny to say around Danny and Zoe. Terrified that any day now they were going to get bored with her, tired of her.

One night the terror of losing them grew stronger than the fog, and she was up all night, pacing the halls till Indigo-Hope yelled at her to stop being so mentally challenged, so she went to pace her room instead. Back and forth, bare feet flattening her fluffy rugs. Back and forth till everyone else had gone to bed and she could sneak into the games room where the liquor cabinet was and find something to take the frightening edges of her mind.

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