Apr. 1st, 2014

Every outing with Phoebe and Cassandra was a mission, but a mission Daria and Noah faced head on, without fear or faltering! Well, usually without fear. Well, not a lot of fear. They were adults, goddammit, and surely two adults could keep control over two two-and-a-half-year old twins at least most of the time.

Today they were out hunting. They’d successfully ran down a couple of new sets of clothes and shoes for the girls, who were definitely starting to catch up with their growth spurts. They’d stocked up on cough syrup for Phoebe’s reoccurring cold, and, the biggest mission of all, they’d successfully completed a complete circuit of the supermarket without anyone starting to cry.

Daria was so seriously on top of this motherhood business!

But she definitely needed a sugar hit. “Hey Noah,” she said, eyeing up the ice cream stand in the middle of the food court. “You’ve been so well behaved today, I think I should buy you an ice cream.”


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