Mar. 24th, 2014

Zoe dreamed that night, vivid dreams that shot her stomach with worry, that lingered when she woke.

She dreamed of herself, curled up in her bed and paralysed by grief. Rachel was stroking her hair. "I'm dreaming this," Zoe said to Rachel, and Rachel opened her mouth and said something Zoe could not understand.

"What?" Zoe asked her, frowning, trying to concentrate on Rachel's words, but then Rachel's family burst into Zoe's bedroom and dragged Rachel away by her arms. There was a long line of other people standing behind her stepmother, just watching.

"LIZ?" Zoe screamed, still paralysed, still trapped on her bed, unable to do anything. She screamed Liz's name over and over, panicked and terrified, until her bedroom door opened again and Danny came in.

He lay down on top of her, expressionless, his face close to hers. She yelled at him to move, to get off her, but he stared her down and said "I will move in a few months - nine, in fact."

Zoe screamed herself awake. Jolting upright in bed she lunched for her bedside lamp and turned it on. Light flooded her room, illuminating her four safe walls and the slight mess on her floor and the fact that there was no one else in there. Zoe felt a little sick, and panicked again as details of the dream began to blur. She lunged for her journal and pen (quicker than turning on a computer) and started scribbling down the details of the dream.
Rachel had called her dad after dinner to see if she could spend the night at Zoe's, after their day our together and poor sweet Danny's panic attack, but he said no. "I don't want you out all night," he said. "There's school in the morning. I will call Imogene to pick you up."

"Dad-" she said, about to reassure him that Liz or Emma could get her to school on time and they might even do some homework tonight but he'd already hung up. Call Imogene? She wondered. Tonight wasn't a night he usually worked - why wasn't he at home? What a hypocrite.

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After a long day messing around in the park, Zoe had invited everyone around to her place for dinner. While Dylan couldn't go, Danny realised he could. And though he didn't usually go around to other people's houses, especially not if he didn't know them that well, he decided it would be okay. Especially since Zoe's mothers were lesbians. They wouldn't look twice at him!

He jogged home to drop off Wolf, for a shower and to change his clothes. Then he returned to the park where one of Zoe's mothers was going to pick them up. Their car was impressive and he lapsed into silence as Rachel chattered to the woman who had been introduced to him as Liz.

Once they arrived at Zoe's house, Danny stared up at it in awe. "It's huge," he whispered to Rachel as they exited the car.


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