Mar. 17th, 2014

Peter hated MRIs, he decided. Technically he had decided this several MRIs ago, but he was rudely reminded every time he slid into the vile machine and it beeped viciously at him. Then he would listen to inane music on his iPod for twenty minutes while he tried to ignore the jackhammer-like sound the machine made as it worked.

Still, it was better than as stereotactic biopsy. God he hoped he didn't have to have another one of those.

When it was all over he jumped up and pulled his own clothes on, discarding the hospital gown in the 'used' bin with gusto. The results would take awhile and all he really wanted to do was drink which wasn't entirely helpful.

Instead of giving in to the delicious amber liquid he really wanted, Peter went in search of someone to talk at. Perhaps he could find one of the Littletons who worked at his hospital, or even one of the residents who felt like a chat. Upon entering the residency ward, Peter spotted Charles Allen and lifted a hand in greeting. "Hello, Charles. You're looking well."
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It wasn't the first time Danny was thankful his mother was a light sleeper. He didn't have the energy to wonder if she felt thankful as well. Not when his throat was raw from screaming and terrible things lurked behind his eyes. When his mother burst through the door of his bedroom and wrapped her arms around him while she murmured reassuring words into his ear, it always made the dark seem less terrifying.

The Light )
If Paula was to make a list of things she shouldn't be doing because they were really really stupid, number one would have to be STOP HAVING SEX WITH RICO.

God, it wasn't even as though she liked him! He was annoying and smug and he didn't give a shit about her and he'd broken more bones in her body than anyone else had ever done. And yet, still with the sneaking around and fucking. Although she couldn't stand him, she really enjoyed the sex part with Rico. Was that messed up? (Rhetorical question - Paula was well aware it was messed up. Theirs was sex that ended in wounds and shattered bones. No way was that right.)

she always wished she could take an angel soul from the hospital )


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