Feb. 5th, 2014

"Tomorrow I'm going to show you my house," Rachel said to Zoe one day, after their lunchtimes runs and meeting between classes had been a regular thing for some time now.

"Cool," said Zoe, and went home to clear it with her mums.

The next morning they met near the front gate as they walked into school. The bell had just rung and they were both hurrying. "But you're going to come see my house today, yeah?" Rachel called, as they split to head toward different classes.

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As soon as Zoe arrived home from Rachel's house she started Googling her father.

Zoe had a folder locked away in her laptop where she kept information on anyone she found suspicious. She'd searched for her teachers at school and she'd trawled through facebooks of other classmates (Rhys's was particularly gross). She'd also looked up all of the families of anyone who died in the shooting. Of course I blame myself, she'd told Rachel and it was true. There wasn't anything she could do to make up for not stopping Gloria, but she could be aware of all the people she'd hurt.

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